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Economic Freedom Calendar


February 28 - Tom Krannawitter on his new book, Save the Swamp, both an LGF Breakfast and a Bastiat afternoon program. For breakfast details and registration click here: For Bastiat program click here:

March - being worked on at present

April 10 - Sharyl Attkisson on her book, The Smear. 4:00 PM at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Details and registration at

April 17,18 or 19 - CCEE (now "Economic Literacy Colorado") annual luncheon

May 16 - Chris Edwards from CATO on Downsizing Government

June (date TBD) - CAGW

July (TBD) - bitcoin program with Brian Eha, author of How Money Got Free

Aug (date TBD) - Mattie Albert (a millennial herself) presenting her ideas on how millennials can be attracted to the ideas of liberty