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Economic Freedom Calendar


September 22 - FEE and CSGI will have an all-day program at UCCS. Details available around mid-August. Register at

October 17 - Bastiat program with Joe Postell, PhD and professor of Political Science at UCCS presenting on the topic, "Reforming the Administrative State in the Age of Trump." Early registration at

November 13 - Bastiat program with Edward Stringham from AIER here to describe the changes they are implementing and give a presentation on Private Regulation instead of Government Regulation. Early registration at


January 23 - Bastiat and Mises Institute will jointly present a Mises Institute speaker, program to be held at CTU (Colorado Technical University).

March 6 - Bastiat program with Professor Bob Knapp from UCCS presenting on his energy research study.

May 7 - Bastiat program with Senator Hank Brown and Dr.Michael Poliakoff on ACTA's activities (American Council of Trustees and Alumni).

June 18 - Bastiat program with Senator Tom Coburn on reducing the size of the Federal Government.