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Economic Freedom Calendar


October 17 - Bastiat program with Joe Postell, PhD and professor of Political Science at UCCS presenting on the topic, "Reforming the Administrative State in the Age of Trump." Registration at

November 13 - Bastiat program with Edward Stringham from AIER here to describe the changes they are implementing and give a presentation on Private Regulation instead of Government Regulation. Early registration at


January 23 - Bastiat and Mises Institute will jointly present a Mises Institute speaker, program to be held at CTU (Colorado Technical University).

March 6 - Bastiat program with Professor Bob Knapp from UCCS presenting on his energy research study.

May 7 - Bastiat program with Senator Hank Brown and Dr.Michael Poliakoff on ACTA's activities (American Council of Trustees and Alumni).

June 18 - Bastiat program with Senator Tom Coburn on reducing the size of the Federal Government.